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The hidden agenda for an easy ride
When we are moving towards higher consciousness and vibration, we are in such a fast moving current. If we are too hurry to take the ride, we may have taken the most difficult and uneasy path.

So the higher self or consciousness is suggesting another gentler option: move with harmony.

Take the ride with harmony, not dramas.

There need not to have the moving of the earth, wind or sea for the shift of human consciousness.

If we make the moves with peace and harmony, we can take the shortcut without dramas.

We create our own reality, and we have definitely seen enough to move around with ease.
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Everything starts from your dreams
One might say, “no hope is better than disappointment”.

That really is true for someone who is living like dead people.

One might also conclude, “We should be like dead people, shouldn’t we? Everyone around me is like living dead, I really should join them.”

It is your call, your body, your mind, your soul, your spirit, whatsoever.

Therefore, if someone turns up and say, “Even I am surrounded by the living dead, even I am not that happy now, I still want a happy life.” It sounds so impossible and even crazy!

If you don’t have what you want now, you can still want what you want. All creation starts from your dream, then hoping, believing and knowing that it’s always yours.

If wanting and believing to be happily ever after is a crazy thought, I don’t mind to be labelled as crazy!
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Feel the abundance, love and joy. It is yours.

Release the judgment about money. It is your natural birth right to receive.

Believe and receive.

Wish you joy in your wallet and bank account!
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The mission will never be complete
That is exactly why you may want to choose your mission again.

If it is joy, the joy will last forever. However, if it is something not so positive, it will also last forever.

It will never be complete, because we are eternally expanding. The expansion will not stop, that is why we are eternal beings.

Your chance of change is always NOW.
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Ridiculous judgement
We have been taught so well to remember the rules and regulations; and of cause, the punishment of not following them.

However, these rules have deformed our nature and molded us to ignore our feelings so that we would do the things that the society wants us to.

If you trace back the source of the building of the society, you can find it was built because of good. People wanted to live in a better, easier and organized way. However, it has been twisted to a power game, the game of making definitions to what is good, what is bad, what is right, and what is wrong.

Now is the time for awakening, not only spiritually, but in all ways. We have to remember why we come here for. We have to stop to accommodate, obey and please others. We have to start to feel ourselves again.

We can wake up the power within us and follow our own guidance. We can release all judgement toward others.

This is how you set yourself free.
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It is nice that you attract those adorable people who tell you that life is good
Life is something like the better it gets, the even better it gets, and the happily ever after story never ends.

It is time to get a clean start. Start to tell the story that life is good. Then look around, to find things that please you, to find things that you appreciate.

To create a comfortable and effortless vibration, to create things like magic.

To believe that life is good and all is well as it is. It can only get better, better and better.

To surround by people who tell you the same story, about how wonderful life is.

This is how the glorious life starts to flow eternally.
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The greatest misunderstanding of the wish list
If you are going to write a wish list of your life, how would it be?

Many people start from thinking how much do they have now or how much they can afford now. Then the wish list becomes what they can do or afford. If those things are what you can afford, why don’t you do them now? The fear of not having enough in the future stops us from doing things to expand our life experience.

That was totally wrong, we have to undo the education and misbelief that were given by our parents, the schools and TV.

Imagine you are a little child, you have no money, and you don’t even care how you would earn the money. Your wish list could be something like having an airplane, travelling in space, be a princess or hero…

Our childhood was cut short tremendously by the inflicting beliefs of the adults. We were taught to face the reality. Then we no longer have good dreams, instead, we have nightmares about study, work, relationships, money, etc. If your dreams are no longer the big ones, you may notice that your life starts to shrink.

Write down your wish list one more time, to see how you would want your life to be. Start to dream again, restart your life to a enjoyable, loving, abundant and funny one!

Wake up from your nightmares, dream your dreams, and live your dreams!
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The end is not coming
When we were in non-physical realm, we wished so much to come to this beautiful earth to experience human life.

There would not be an end to your life until you choose to go back to the source. It would be like, “I had enough of those goodies, very well, let’s go back!”

It is like travelling. You went to the place with strong resistant and negative emotions, then you got there and said, ‘I don’t like this place’.

The question is, why go?

We came here because we wanted this experience. Thought by thought, we have created this physical place.

It is not going to end because so many of us still holding the thought that life is beautiful.

Until you hold this positive thought, you will allow your life to be beautiful.

If life is so enjoyable and beautiful, why would we end it?!
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Appreciate your uniqueness
Why you are unique?

It is because you think in your own way. Your thoughts are always different from others.

Why others are unique too?

It is because they think in their own way. Their thoughts are always different from you too.

Do we need to come together?

It is a choice. A choice of yours. Choose whatever feels good to you, but not how others want you to do.

We are all different, in the good way.

This is why the world is full of diversity and possibilities.

See this as the beauty of the world, but not the reason for separation.

You are the one who is responsible in creating your own life. You can choose whatever you want, you have all the powers when you are executing the power of choice.

Relax or stressed, is a choice too.
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Make yourself feeling better bit by bit
Is the same as releasing your resistance to make yourself feeling good bit by bit.

Everyday we wake up, we have been given a great chance to restart everything, to have a balanced emotion, to leave everything behind, to reset our starting point.

Don't look back, look forward every time you wake up from your bed.

Gradually, you are feeling better and better everyday.

Then, you are allowing better and better things to happen everyday.

Don't be afraid of losing control of your life when you just let things happen. It is because when you are feeling good, nothing bad can happen. As darkness is not possible to survive in a place full of light.
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