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Always help yourself first
Nobody can make you happy, if you don't want to be happy.

You can make nobody happy if they don't want to be happy too.

However, we are always drown to that kind of people, no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, no matter how much energy we give, those people will never be lifted up by you.   It is because they don't want to be their happy true self, they still believe in "I'm not good enough", "I can never get what I want" or "life is suffering".  Their negativity of course can attract your attention to "help", but you can never make someone happy for long if they don't really want to change.

The basis of "help" is "I can't do it by myself, so I need your help", "I'm not happy, please make me happy", "I don't have love, please give me love".  That really shows you "help" is never ending codependency.  Someone who always asks people to give help or show them love actually is assuming they have no power in themselves.

Everyone is born to be a powerful creator of their own life experience.  You are very powerful when you are in alignment with your true happy self.

You will never be really happy when you give up your power to create your own happy life and try to "help" or "love" other people to prove your worthiness.

You are born to be worthy, you are born to be happy and abundant.  However you give up your power so easily because everyone around says "we should help other people".

If you have tuned in with the vibration of people who need help or love, you will not be really happy.  When you are not really happy, there is nothing that you can give.

The real change starts from your intention to help yourself.  You don't need a lover to be happy, you don't need a family to be happy, you don't need friends to be happy, you don't "need" anything to be happy.  You only need "yourself" to be happy, when you start to say to yourself "I am good, I am worthy, I can be happy easily".

Of course it is nice to have lover, family, friends, money, etc; however you don't really "need" those, when you are your true happy self, everything you want will come to you to create joyful experiences that matches your vibration.
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You are always becoming

The question you need to ask yourself is: what's next?

If something happens next is not what you want, release your negative feelings and ask again, until you get an answer that you really want!

Remember you are always attracted to what is in your vibration and you can change your vibration by thinking about something that feels better!

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Focus on good feelings

When you’re focusing on fear and worreis, you can’t see love.  When you’re focusing on negative thoughts, you can’t think positively.

This is always true.

You can lie to the world, but you can't lie to yourself about your true feelings.

Do your best, not by actions, but by focusing all your energy on the positive side.  You do this not because you want to make things happen, but to make yourself feel better.

The definition of a happy life is the accumulation of good feelings in all the moments of your physical existence.

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Don't give up on yourself
Regret actually is the same as giving up yourself.

It happens when you have trained yourself to focus on fear and worries. 

After making a decision, rather than focusing to act on your choice, you smelled the fear and focused on the fear, later you were so scared, you must change your mind, then you run away and give up what you have chosen.

If you have missed so many chances, you are deserting and forsaking yourself.

Cease your precious time to be who you are.  You are meant to be the joyful being of this world.
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Becoming invincible

No matter how bad you were in the past, if you have determined not to think about it anymore, the past negative energy has no more power on your NOW or future.

When you start to uncover all the layers that are hiding your true self and look deep inside, the only thing you can find must be pure love.

That's why you don't need to be afraid that you're not good enough for anything.

When you have decided to believe in your well-being, you are free from all the earthly limitations, this is called "invincibility".

When you're really happy, when you're looking forward to be really happy, everything is possible.

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Happy New Year!!!

In this new year, I wish you all to have the courage to be your true self, know who you really are, and live very happy life!!!

The Happily Ever After blog has been closed for a personal reason, but I wish you can start writing your own "Happily Ever After" message for yourself, and focus on every positive aspect in your life.

Be honest to yourself, hold true to what you really want, then just relax and allow the universe to deliver all the beautiful things you have ever dreamed!

Have a fresh start in this new year with new love for yourself!

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From being dreadful to being hopeful

After going through some phenomenal contrast, how can we pick up ourselves again from the broken pieces?

Ask yourself how do you feel, take a deep breath and acknowledge your bad feelings.

Then say to yourself: “The past negative energy no longer has power to control my feelings now, no matter what I did, no matter what other people did to me.  I now take charge of my power to change my feelings.  I want to feel better.  I want to be better.  I am a powerful creator because only I can change my feelings, only I can create my unique joyful experience.  I want to be happy, this is why I am here.”

Go on with your life and allow yourself to have a better feeling day.  Go on to look for something to appreciate, like your pet, sunshine, blue sky, clean air, water, trees, christmas trees in shopping mall, etc.

After you have achieved the understanding of yourself through contrast, you must turn your attention towards what you really want and who you really are.  Because you want a happy life, not a false or powerless or low energy or negative one.

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infatuation+intimacy+good sex = love???
This drama is really common.   If we look a bit closer, infatuation, intimacy and good sex can make us excited for such a short time.   Without true love of ourselves, it is not even real happiness.

It is so shallow to focus on the short-lived impulse, and your whole life just living in ignorance and blindness.  Nobody can see true love without looking inside themselves.

If you don’t intend to live your life with self-love, you will always be living in a shallow, unsatisfied, frustrated and confusing life.
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Transformation through contrast

There is not much meaning in the drama we created, except confusion and the waste of our precious life.

However, what happened in the drama helps us to see what we really want. 

That is true love and joy, and be who we really are.

So much courage is needed to break out from the dramatic pattern created since we are born.

Focus on feeling, thinking and doing what truly makes you feel better.  Everyone is a powerful creator of their own life experience, but first we must honor our power to walk out from the dark.

Step by step, we can shake off the drama and be who we really are.

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What is true love? And where is it?
Usually, love is defined as two people come together to play together, support each other, create a family, and make each other feel good about themselves.

However, people who “love” in this condition (that is what we meant by conditional love), often comes to a point that the love relationship does not work anymore.  It is because a big part of us cannot be satisfied with the pouring of love and energy from someone else (e.g. lover, parents, friends, etc).  There is a big black hole of us that cannot be merely filled up with the love from someone else.

True love truly means two people who found joy and love in themselves who come together to play and share the energy of joy and love.

It is self-love, the unconditional love of yourself, but not the worldwide definition of love relationships.

We have been giving so much energy and attention in creating dramas and contrast in our lives, it is time to develop our self-worthiness and live with the joyful and loving being within ourselves.
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