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◇日時 :2008年11月29日(土)13時〜16時 満席となりました。ありがとうございました! 

11/15(土), 11/29(土)はトークショー開催のため、セッションはお休みします。
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只、 凄い世界に触れたという感じです。 私も医療の専門家です。 結構深いところで人間の体の蘇生とつながっております。 特にこのブログでつながったカナダの写真に魅了されました。 
今年の7月にマレーシア世界遺産キナバル山に植樹旅行に行ったときに創作した英詩があるのですが、 ここに入りきるでしょうか。 それをご紹介して今回は終わりにしたく思います。

"A breeze from Mt. Kinabalu "

A breeze from Mt. Kinabalu.
Still lingering on my chest,
Called as a world heritage mountain.

But, for me,
It's God.
Full of Majesty.

In the morning,
In the evening,
Worshipped toward Mt. Kinabalu.

For people living around Mt. Kinabalu,
It's God, I believe.
Met cheerful children of God at the foot of the mountain.

Their life protected by God for a long time.
No need to go out of its holy places.
Their peace and happiness kept for a long time.

But, the outside world is beginning to invade their mind,
In a way of alluring them into a world dominated by money,
Where the human quality is going to decay.

On this trip,
I recognized,
There is a way of protecting them and us from the destruction.

That's planting trees in all countries' lands,
According to their governments' policy and expenses,
To keep CO2 out of our world as much as possible and necessary.

The power of planting trees is effective not only for reducing CO2,
But also for keeping people's mind and body healthy.
Full of positive energy and happy feeling.

Mt. Kinabalu will be pleased to know our behavior on the earth.
Hope our prosperity and happiness will be kept forever,
Though they say the lifetime of the sun will be 10 billion years.

From Thackery

A trip to Mt. Kinabalu from July 20 to 25, 2008
| Thackery | 2008/11/07 4:57 AM |
Dear Thackery,

Thank you for sharing your experience & feeling with us。

Your writing is inspiring and I appreciate it very much!
| Jamie | 2008/11/08 12:27 AM |
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