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The dragging of two forces
HK old buildings

Now we know that whatever we think becomes reality, we can further study how it works.

For example, if you want to be rich, you can only focus on seeing abundance.

You will find numerous life examples of how people got rich by just focusing on the positive side and beliefs.

However, if your faith is shaking and you try to look for any examples of failure, it is sure that you can find the same number of failure cases.

You just see what you want and what you have chosen to see.

This is how the law of attraction works.

If you can be 100% positive in getting rich, it is sure that you will only meet 100% positive people and situations, and these will all lead you to getting rich.

But you do not need to be 100% positive to do that.

What you need is only 51%. Only 51% of being positive.

If you are 51% positive on getting what you want, the other 49% will be overridden. You will get what you want.

If you are 50% positive, your chance has been offset and nothing will happen.

If you are lower than 50% positive, you may be creating future obstacles in achieving what you want.

This theory applies to everything and it runs all the time. Just like the sun rises everyday even if you do not see it personally.

Protecting your positive thinking and beliefs is the most important thing in creating the life that you want.

Do not waste your energy, time and thoughts on things that you do not like or opposite to what you want.
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