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Saying “Yes” instead of saying “No”

Do not drill on something that you do not like. Do not put enormous effort in studying something negative or you do not want to see.

Say “Yes” and welcome the experiences that you want.

Do not talk about negative people or negative things. Just forgive and forget.

For those people who you do not like, or those people around you who create negative energies, just forgive them. You do not need to accept or follow their negative ideas, just forgive them as they were acting unconsciously. Remember they were acting in negative ways because they did not know what they were doing. Once you have totally forgiven them, they will start to leave you alone in your wonderful world of hope and light.

Say “Yes” and welcome those lovely and positive people who you want to meet.

If you are in a negative environment and situation, bless the place and the people there, send love to them. Have compassion on what you see. Miracle will change the place and people gradually, or miracle will bring you to another wonderful place.

Say “Yes” and welcome the place that you want to be in.

Change your world to a “Yes” world.
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