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Feeling good is not the same as feeling better than other people

To connect with your own guidance, first you have to calm your mind, clear the discordant thoughts.  Feeling good must be coming from inside, no one will be able to successfully identify whether you are really feeling good or just pretending.  That is why you must be honest to yourself in order to find your own way to feeling good.

If you play a game, it is for the fun of it, not to win it. When you enjoy the game so much, naturally you will do better and you may win.  Most people lose sight in the becoming of champions, that is how the game becomes not enjoyable as we forget the intension of playing.

To become better than other people, it is truly egoistic.  First we must ignore our own feelings to work ourselves so hard to meet some targets.  Then we can blindly chase for the fame and never ending competitions.

What is the fun and meaning of life if we could not feel our own feelings?  Don’t be nice when you’re angry, don’t smile when you’re not happy; just be yourself.  Bit by bit you move to a better feeling place, naturally you become nicer.  Not because everyone else wants you to be nice, because you feel good about yourself.

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You have been practising whenever you want something, you need to work hard or think hard for it.  That kind of practise has become a dominant pattern of your life experience.

You have been practicing to worry about things, to cater both negative and positive sides.  The worst thing is that you always have a plan for the “worst case”, in case something really bad could happen. 

That is why you cannot feel the ease and joy of life however it should be.

You must remember we are the creator of our own lives.  Worst case could happen when you actively plan for it and activate it in your vibration.  It is your own creation, however, if you can create that, you can also change that.

Nothing is going to change until you have gotten enough of the contrasting experience and you innately ask for a different one.  Everything you really want has been asked vibrationally when you see something that you do not want.

The rest of the story is just you relax, enjoy and do whatever your intuition tells you to.  Our part is relatively easy, feel the way to get what we want.  Everything will orchestrate perfectly into our experience.

However, we have been trained away from our guidance of our own feelings.  We have learned not to care about our own emotion first, we tend to the standard of the society or we care too much about how other people feel, we ignore our own feelings, we do something to make other people happy, we help other people first.

If you have never ever loved or enjoyed your life (nor intend to point to that direction), whatever you are giving out is not sincere enough to turn things around for something that feels like love or joy.

You can change it if you have never known you can love  or be happy, and only you can change that.  You don’t need a reason or to justify why you want to be happy.  Everyone is born to that, however, you have forgotten and everyone keeps telling you another story; and that you have lost the trust in your own judgment.

Be hopeful and gentle to yourself.  Only you can live your life, what other people say is never as important as what you say about your life and yourself.
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Free from the lack of freedom

Based on the fact that all of us shall die, everything and everyone is temporary and delusional.

Freedom is a perception in your mind, in compare with the physical condition, is an illusion. In fact, nobody is totally free or not free, freedom is a feeling that there is no boundary or limitation to oneself.

The freedom program mainly is caused by two forces: codependency and control.

Codependency or hook with someone for benefit is caused by the lack of self-worthiness. You are not free when you want something that “you don’t have”. When you see other people have what you want or do something that you can’t, you feel self-punishing and depressed.

Controlling other people is caused by ego. You are not free when you want other people to behave the way that you want them to. When you see other people doing what you don’t like, you feel angry and violent.

There is a loop going on with ego and the lack of self-worthiness.

Usually people who want to control is lack of self-worthiness, and they don’t like the idea of co-creation. Whilst people who are codependent are with enormous hidden judgement and ego, and they don’t feel life should be abundant.

However, have you ever wonder, when you are happy, freedom or all other negative energy is not a problem in your life in that particular moment?

When you are ready to live a joyful life, you can change the negative statement to positive one:

I am abundant, I love sharing and co-creating.

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Everything is temporary
Your worries, your bad feelings, even your good feelings.

Who you want to be is based on what you are thinking now. It is something temporary too. Therefore do not be stubborn to hold on negative feelings as they are creating what you are going to feel.

If thoughts and feelings are temporary, means you can change them. Most importantly, you are the only person who is capable to change that.

Because your life is your life, your feelings are your feelings.
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the choice is upon you

  • clear negativity

  • release resistance

  • understanding the constrast in life

  • have hope in life

  • more positive expectations

  • love life

  • create a brilliant life

all the above decisions are inter-dimensional and non-linear, how would you contemplate with them?
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Trust that every experience is good
Those things that you usually call them “bad” sometimes happen; in the wrong place, with the wrong people and timing.

When the first time it happened, if you took no notice and saw it as random; usually it happened again. As you have forgotten it had already happened, rather than understand why it happened again, you put a name on it: “bad things do happen”.

Everything could have happened; if you are not focus, you may ignore or misunderstand the meaning behind “bad things”.

Let’s see how the “bad things” guide you towards your dreams, or warn you from deviating from them.

Provided that at least you have a dream.
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Memories that served you well
Sometime we have to release those people and memories who have leaded us forward, but no longer serve us well.

It is like every time you have decided to move to a new place, you will pack and find out something that you do not need anymore. You will give them to someone or throw it away.

It is exactly like what you should do with your memories. Whenever there is a shift or change in you, you have to release those memories that do not serve you anymore.

This is the way to keep your heart lighten and move forward fearlessly.
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Why do you forget love (so easily)?
What do you really really want?

Money? What about afterlife?

What do you expect from yourself and everyone?

Money or appreciation? What about afterlife?

The times that you feel so empty about your life, are not those without money, acknowledgement or appreciation. Those are the times that you cannot feel love.

Love can only come from a loving soul. When you are willing to let go of all fear and worry, when you can open your heart to love, when you can change yourself to a loving soul.
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No room for regrets
Nothing more or less that you can do at this point of time.

You are always doing your best, no matter what.

You cannot do more; and you cannot do less.

So where were the painful choices?

In fact, there were none of those.
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Be happy with yourself
People who care about themselves most are those who are truly blessed.

Do anything to make yourself happy and ignore what other might say.

Abraham once said, “if you’re not happy, you have nothing to give”. This is really profound.
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